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Soap Dish Grab bars

Removable soap dish is easy to clean and features the seamless elegance of Corian®, a shatterproof surface that resists the growth of mold and bacteria.

Rail Diameter 1.25″ / 32cm

Dimensions (LxWxH) 12×2.75″ / 30×6.99cm

A seamless look and feel – Common design elements throughout the entire collection allow for a variety of charming combinations to create a consistent look in any bathroom.

Integrated support rail – Professional grade construction combined with superior quality fittings ensure years of reliable service and rock-solid support.

DuPont™ Corian® surfaces – Beautiful shatterproof surfaces that are nonporous and resist the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria.

Discreet wall stems with concealed screws – Meticulously designed wall interface stems render screws and mounting areas virtually invisible and allow this collection to naturally blend within its environment.

Multi-contact wall support – While two-point contact with the wall structure is standard for most grab bars and bathroom accessories, much of the Invisia™ Collection overachieves with up to 4 points of contact for maximum structural support.

Materials / Finishes – Magnolia white powder coat over stainless steel or bright triple chome plate over steel.

Weight Capacity – 350lbs/159kg.

Note: This Soap Dish should only be installed in areas where the mounting surface is structurally sound. If you are not equipped to undertake the outlined work we recommend that you have your  Soap Dish installed by a qualified contractor. This Soap Dish must be secured to wall with fasteners appropriate to the structural material. Fasteners must be rated for certain retention force each for maximum weight capacity (see within for recommendations). Mounting fasteners should be inspected monthly and tightened if necessary. Rail is capable of supporting a maximum suggested user weight of 350lbs/159kg.

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