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Folding shower seat

An exceptionally solid, fold down shower seat with a slim profile that features the beauty and resiliency of Brazilian walnut. Removable backrest allows access to wall tiles for easy cleaning.

Brazilian walnut seat – Beautiful Brazilian walnut is naturally resistant to moisture, mildew and decay. Known for it’s considerable strength, it is up to 3 times stronger than teak.

Fold away storage – Simply fold up to store out of the way. No need to lock into place, a machined precision tension hinge prevents the seat from inadvertently falling down.

Slim profile – In fold away position, the low profile frame and discreet design complements accessories without being intrusive.

Incredibly solid – Two 15″ concealed wall mount braces maximize wall contact and spread the weight-bearing surface for an exceptionally solid feel.

Seat Depth 15″/38cm.

Seat Width 18″/46cm. Various widths available.

Depth from wall (when folded) 3″/7cm.

Frame Material Aluminum.

Weight Capacity 450lbs/205kg.

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