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Ceiling Mounted Track System

We have installed many overhead lifts but the Liko systems far surpasses other overhead lifting systems for many reasons. Because of the light weight motor, unique patented safety and design features.

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  • Reduces the risk of back injuries among caregivers by eliminating cumbersome manual lifts.
  • Once installed, it is always available for the caregiver’s convenience and doesn’t take up floor space.
  • Solutions can be configured to any room and are safe to use in both wet and dry situations.
  • Can be configured for room-to-room transport, such as bedroom to bathroom.
  • Is easy to install and can be utilized with nearly any building structure materials (e.g. concrete, plasterboard, sheetrock, ceramic tile, wood, etc.).
  • Is a perfect solution for Home-care lifting needs, while is powerful and durable enough for the rigorous needs of a hospital or care facility.

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