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Automatic door opener Residential Access Junior

Easy to install or we can install them for you in MN, WI and parts of ND, SD, and IA

This package is a remote controlled door latch release system that will release a locked or unlocked door with a remote control. The door can also be released from the exterior by a keypad with a 4-digit combination code selected by the user, so that care givers will have access when you are asleep or not able to push the remote control. The package will enable the door to be pushed open and closed without having to touch the door knob. For example, a person in a wheelchair can unlock the door and enter by pushing the door with his/her chair. Delay period after actuation provides sufficient time to get door opened. NOTE: Does not open door. Includes electric strike plate, radio receiver with delay timer, one remote control, wireless keyless entry pad, and transformer with wiring.

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