Common Questions

How long will a remodel take?
The scope of the project will play a big part on how long the project will take. It is a good idea to make a time line with your contractor at the beginning stages of the project to help elevate any misunderstandings. The estimated time below is from start date to finish date. These time frames do not include the time it takes to get financing or the decision making done by the client. Changes made during the project may delay the process.
Example: bathroom remodel
Time frame: Plan for anywhere between two weeks to two months depending on the scope of the project.
Example: kitchen remodel
Time Frame: Plan for anywhere between one to three months.
Example: major remodel
Time frame: A major remodel would include additions to a home, or two or more rooms in the home you should expect two months to five months.

I have an idea of what I want my home to look like; can you draw something up or do I have to get an architect?
For remodels we can work with you with your ideas or we can help you come up with ideas. Accessible Homes will draw up a plan and get it approved by the city. Before we draw up a mock up of the remodel we will go over all the options. For new construction you can use an architect that we work with you select you own.

For most people, a home is more than a building; it is a state of mind, an expression of personality, the one place where it is possible simply to be.

The types of homes in which people live reflect their tastes and priorities. Deciding to change that home, whether through remodeling or relocating, is a major decision.

The Accessible Homes LLC team will walk through the process with you from decision making to completion of the project.