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Stella-Sit to Stand Transfer Equipment

Designed for the individual who is still mobile but has a difficult time standing up, Ergolet presents the sturdy, yet compact Stella which emulates the natural sit to stand motion.  Safe and comfortable, standing transfers are no longer cumbersome with Stella’s unique features.

  • Multiple gripping points make maneuvering and turning the Stella easier and keeps the caregiver close to the individual.
  • Three-way adjustable knee support adjust easily for placement directly under the kneecap, reducing discomfort and creating stability for the individual.
  • The wide base legs are electrically spread via the hand control and easily adjust around chairs and other objects, ensuring proper lift placement close to the individual.
  • Detachable foot and knee supports allow the Stella to act as a walker for the semi-ambulatory individual.
  • Safety first: Spline functionality ensures that the lifting arms stop lowering if they meet resistance, increasing safety by preventing crushing injuries. A simple and effective mechanical emergency lowering function ensures an individual can be lowered in the case of a loss of battery charge.
  • The Stella is easily charged simply by attaching the hand control to the charging unit or placing the removable battery into the charging station – no more searching for charger cords.

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